Nauka ist bekannt aus:

BRA18   BUN14   CIN13   LTR33   DEK11  

HAI17   HER10   NEY09   NOT15   POL08  

PRA16   SOJ07   SPA06   SPE05   SPO03  

SPO04   TRI02   VES01   TIT20   RAD19

RAI21           FOR56

HOM449   RWT555   CAM334   JBC99   KAX33

FSW44   COM12   TBB55   KEN33   JAS67

SMG09   SWA45   REW34   PMC46

Meinungen über Nauka:

"I introduced Nauka to my Seargents, because it reflects the highest quality of fighting technology, I have ever experienced." - D. Rosenzweig, German Military Captain

"Nauka is the best fighting style I have ever trained!" - Rich Graham, US Navy SEAL, Founder of Trident Fitness Tactical

"I still think about the Nauka Seminar you did for us. You guys are great teachers!" - Zack M., Israeli Special Forces

"Welcome to the Streets - Realistic self- protection for today. Thank you for this professional training!" - Andreas D., German Police Officer, Ju-Jutsu Blackbelt & Instructor

"They are training you for real-life application. Practical application of scenarios that you don't ever want to find yourself in, but if you do, you know what to do." - Shannon Rusch, US Navy SEAL

"From what I learned so far, nothing compares to what I learned from Nauka. It is more practical than any other style I have experienced" - Matt Magee, Firefighter Paramedic

"Nauka was life-changing to me!" - Jonathan Harrington, Retired US Navy, Tybris Knives Founder

"Your Nauka training has really saved my butt!" - Gernot G., Martial Artist

"On my search for realistic training, I came from Wing Chun to Nauka, which has blown me away. The concept with all the tactics and functional techniques has lifted my fighting readiness to a whole new level." - Aleksandar Dimitrov, IT Specialist, Martial Artist

"Nauka has made a huge impact in my life! Both - physically and mentally." - Justin Cunard, Emergency Medical Technician, Martial Artist

"I love the Nauka Fighting Style! It is so practical, natural and fluid. Also great for women!" - Lindsay Graham, Yoga Teacher

"Nauka is very direct and extremely effective. I loved every minute oft he training." - Josh Yarborough, Muay Thai Fighter & Trainer

"Nauka is really a Bad-Ass Martial Art!" - Sam (Undercover)

"I owe my life to Nauka! The training elevated my skills and saved me in very dangerous situations. I cannot recommend it enough." - A. P., Police Officer, K-9 Handler

"Combatives as Nauka teaches them, are a whole new level of dealing with violence." - Michael R., Medic, Krav Maga Instructor

"Nauka is a nightmare. A real nightmare for every criminal!" - A. Kern, Public Security, Kickboxing & MMA Coach

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Nauka Fighting Academy - Aachen
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Kontakt: Herr Stojanovic

Telefon: +49 176 75159149
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