Nauka ist bekannt aus:

BRA18   BUN14   CIN13   COM12   DEK11  

HAI17   HER10   NEY09   NOT15   POL08  

PRA16   SOJ07   SPA06   SPE05   SPO03  

SPO04   TRI02   VES01   TIT20   RAD19

RAI21           FOR56

HOM449   RWT555   CAM334   JBC99   KAX33

Meinungen über Nauka:

"I introduced Nauka to my Seargents, because it reflects the highest quality of fighting technology, I have ever experienced." - D. Rosenzweig, German Military Captain

"Nauka is the best fighting style I have ever trained!" - Rich Graham, US Navy SEAL, Founder of Trident Fitness Tactical

"I still think about the Nauka Seminar you did for us. You guys are great teachers!" - Zack M., Israeli Special Forces

"Welcome to the Streets - Realistic self- protection for today. Thank you for this professional training!" - Andreas D., German Police Officer, Ju-Jutsu Blackbelt & Instructor

"They are training you for real-life application. Practical application of scenarios that you don't ever want to find yourself in, but if you do, you know what to do." - Shannon Rusch, US Navy SEAL

"From what I learned so far, nothing compares to what I learned from Nauka. It is more practical than any other style I have experienced" - Matt Magee, Firefighter Paramedic

"Nauka was life-changing to me!" - Jonathan Harrington, Retired US Navy, Tybris Knives Founder

"Your Nauka training has really saved my butt!" - Gernot G., Martial Artist

"On my search for realistic training, I came from Wing Chun to Nauka, which has blown me away. The concept with all the tactics and functional techniques has lifted my fighting readiness to a whole new level." - Aleksandar Dimitrov, IT Specialist, Martial Artist

"Nauka has made a huge impact in my life! Both - physically and mentally." - Justin Cunard, Emergency Medical Technician, Martial Artist

"I love the Nauka Fighting Style! It is so practical, natural and fluid. Also great for women!" - Lindsay Graham, Yoga Teacher

"Nauka is very direct and extremely effective. I loved every minute oft he training." - Josh Yarborough, Muay Thai Fighter & Trainer

"Nauka is really a Bad-Ass Martial Art!" - Sam (Undercover)

"I owe my life to Nauka! The training elevated my skills and saved me in very dangerous situations. I cannot recommend it enough." - A. P., Police Officer, K-9 Handler

"Combatives as Nauka teaches them, are a whole new level of dealing with violence." - Michael R., Medic, Krav Maga Instructor

"Nauka is a nightmare. A real nightmare for every criminal!" - A. Kern, Public Security, Kickboxing & MMA Coach

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